At the age of 6 years I began to play the piano. It didn’t take me very
  long to find out that composing is a lot more interesting than playing
  scores. Until today I prefer score writing than score reading.

  With about 13 I began to compose orchestral music. It’s beside jazz
  and choir music my personal favorite composing style. Also my
  senior brother inspirited me with his composing and his own studio.

  So I began to build my own homerecording studio with 15 years.
  It was 486PC with a midi sequencer, a technics keyboard a soundcraft
  10channel mixer, a cassette recorder and a very cheep microphone.

  With this equipment I recorded my first album “sounds of spirit”.
  During the next years the studio grew and grew.
  Also the quality of the orchestra arrangements got better.

  After the completion of a technical high school I began to study classical
  opera voice beside my job at a computer research and development.
  I also spent a lot of time with audio engineering courses and worked
at some music- an live productions. During that time I produced my
  second album “Colors of Music” , a mix between jazz, Irish music
  and orchestral music.

  In 2003 I began to plan a big studio. The new studio was finished in
  December 2005 and was built in cooperation with international
  “studio planning companies”.